What To Do When Dearest Person Ignores You

Each time someone dearest to you exhibit an ignorance towards you, we start to panic.
As we all experienced, losing a close one is never easy. Even though it is very easy to find a new friend with the internet now.
However, if you had a methodical approach towards such incident which tackle the situation and help you control your emotions.
That wait no more, we have prepared a guide on what to do when a dearest person starts to ignore you:

  1. Give the person their space:
    Sometimes, we just want to stay away from everything and spent some time with ourselves.
    Now imagine, you are in such space, and someone is constantly calling and messaging you, Won’t you be annoyed?
    Hence, the first step in such a situation is to give the other person their space. In the meanwhile, think what might have caused her to act like such.
    Many times, someone just wants to chill with themselves, so let that be.
  2. Make sure that you are ignored:
    This might seem a waste of time, but in many cases, people often assume that they are being ignored, but in reality, they are not.
    The reason behind this is the fear of being left alone and rises from previous experience where you were abandoned.
    Hence, make sure that you are being ignored, and the other person is not busy with work, stressed, or not in a mood to talk to someone.
  3. Find the reason for this ignorance:
    Now that we have established that you are being ignored for sure, the next step is to find the reason for it. Now, there is a two-step process.
    First is to think of all the recent events, small or big, that could have such an impact on their life.
    Then put yourself in their shoes and find how much that event might have hurt them. Look for every minute detail, as we never know what could be the reason.
  4. Don’t overreact:
    Whenever we feel we are being ignored, the first thought is always negative.
    We feel like that friend is never going to speak to us again, a potential partner leaving us for someone else, or a colleague asking a transfer faraway. Research shows that the majority of times, ignorance is temporary and fades out with time.
    Hence, there is a good chance, things will be normal after sometimes.
    But if you overreact, you make the situation worse and even pushed the temporary into the permanent territory.
  5. Become busy:
    Now that we have decided not to let ignorance consume you, the best way to do so is by becoming busy.
    Engage more in your hobbies, meet some old friends, watch some movies and TV series from your pending list. Do anything which will keep your mind occupied for a few days as things cool down in the other person’s mind.
  6. Try to meet face to face:
    Eventually, after some time, the other person will face you. Now they might ask for a call or text message, as you did previously.
    But in such a situation, you should meet face to face. As words alone don’t tell the whole picture, we need to see the body gesture to find what’s going on.
    So, meeting face to face or on a video call in a long-distance gives you a better chance of visualizing the problem.
  7. Be ready to apologize:
    If someone is ignoring you and the reason is definitely you or something you did. Then the only way to save the relation is by apologizing as you have already been charged as guilty in the other person court.
    If you let your ego come in, it will only make things worse. So, prepare yourself in advance on how you will apologize and the promises you will make to let them stay.
    But beware of your self-respect as it is not valuable than anything else.
    So, here is the entire guide on what you should do when someone close is ignoring you.

This is a very general guide; however, you can personalize it according to the person you are dealing with it.
For example, some people like to be pampered so messaging them throughout won’t hurt them as much. But take a calculated risk; otherwise, it will blow off.
I hope this guide saves some of your dearests from leaving you.

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