Power Comes From Living By Principles

Your masculine confidence and ability to lead a woman must come from a place of authenticity or else she won’t believe it. She won’t buy what you’re selling if she can sense that you’re just putting on a show. While you can fake it for a while, she’ll continue to test you until you break. Therefore, the only way to avoid succumbing to her challenges is to ensure that your leadership comes from a place of inner conviction.

In other words, you must be the kind of man that stands on principle. When it’s all said and done, a man is nothing without his principles and values.
This is the essence of true manliness, the core of masculine maturity; the very thing that high-quality women desperately crave from their men. When what a man says and does matches his internal beliefs, he maintains a high self-esteem.

When his words and actions betray what he truly believes, he loses respect for himself due to his lack of congruency (there’s that word again). The man who lives by unbending principles will not feel threatened by the ideas and opinions of others.
Read that again.Great men who have provided the greatest services to mankind all have one thing in common. They built their lives on the unchanging principles of life itself. We know these men as being men of high-character, greatly magnanimous, and full of virtue. And it is this fullness of virtue that makes a man impervious to the ever-changing world around him. A woman pushes and smashes against you with her storms of emotions to test this very foundation.

She wants to know if the man standing before her is made of sand or is he made of stone. She asks herself, “Can he be counted on to do the right thing or will he crumble just to appease me?” Eventually, as a man becomes truly led by his principles he will grow to find her tests amusing. Her challenges will merely seem like a byproduct of her feminine wiles, and her pesky longings for him as affirmations of her loyalty.

In short, he will have mastered her femininity not by controlling her, but by fortifying his own masculinity. Men with high self-esteem, those who exude masculine confidence, don’t live by what others think is best for them. The core of their decisionmaking isn’t driven by what the boss wants, what the wife wants, what the kids want, what the clergyman wants, or what their friends want.

No. These men are driven by their principles. If a man’s principles dictate that he must speak the truth, he will not lie to appease his superiors at work. Living by his principle – speaking truthfully – is more important to him than whether or not his boss likes him. If a man’s principles dictate that he must spend some time each day working diligently on his goals, he’s less likely to spend the entire day engaged in slothful activity. However, if he does find himself wasting time he’ll soon feel a little nagging sensation in the back of his conscience until he straightens up and flies right.

A man’s principles are like streetlights that guide him along the dark, narrow paths of life. Whenever he gets lost or loses track, as we all do from time to time, they serve as markers to lead him back towards the straight and narrow. On the other hand, if a man’s decision making is centered on producing a profit at all cost he’s likely to do questionable things in order to achieve his ends. Hence why many businesses partake in morally questionable practices today.

They’re driven not by moral principles but by competition, profit, keeping employees happy, and expediency. Principles keep a man centered even as the world about him falls into absolute chaos. He remains intact and unbending to circumstance because he has, in fact, built his life on unchanging truths. Consider for a moment that a man’s body may decay over time and even his wealth can disappear overnight, but no one event can easily destroy a man’s character.

In fact, the reverse is true. Where time and conflict can destroy a man’s body and even rob him of his wealth, if a man stands by his principles, such things will only serve to strengthen his character. A man’s inner strength comes from living by principle. A man decides on his principles as he meditates on his personal path.
After considering what he wants out of life he’ll be able to confidently choose his core values and the principles he wants to align himself with. Many remarkable books have been written to help men with this process of self-discovery.

One of the best ones I’ve already mentioned earlier. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by author Stephen Covey, does a great job at helping the reader figure out what’s truly important to them in life and how to go about prioritizing one’s activities in order to live both by principles and by one’s own core values. I highly recommended you digest this book if you have trouble making decisions based on your principles.

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