DIY: 10 Storage Ideas for a Small Kitchen

Having alittle kitchen can sometimes be a disturbing factor. You don’t have enough space for storage, for preparing meals, for cooking, for anything. you are feeling such as you are lost within the chaos due to the lack of usable space. Sometimes a little rearrangement can solve the matter , sometimes a much bigger transformation is required , but nothing is impossible. we’ve gathered some useful tips and compositions to provide you some ideas which will assist you make more space in your kitchen.

#10 Barchairs under the counter

If you don’t have enough space for a table and 4 chairs, use barchairs and keep them under the counter. This way, 4 people can still eat at an equivalent time comfortably, but you’ve got more space for other kitchen equipment.

#9 Hanging pans

You can spare some useful space by hanging your frying pans from the side of the kitchen drawer, the cupboard or the walls. You can use little hooks or self-adhesive hangers.

#8 Hidden drawers and cabinets

Little built-in hidden drawers and cabinets can be really handy if you have a small kitchen with limited space to store your equipments.

#7 Knives on the wall

You can buy these magnetic stripes in almost every kitchen equipment shop, where you can store your knives and other cutlery. It saves a lot of space in the drawers for other small things that you wouldn’t want to place on the counter.

#6 U-shaped kitchen

If you have small space for the kitchen, you might want to think about building a U-shaped kitchen to have more surface to work on and to pack your stuff. It’s also handy if the stove has a top that can be turned down and make that space a flat surface also.

#5 Shelf in front of the window

This only works when your window isn’t opening inwards, but this is a very handy space-saving trick. You can also install some self-adhesive hooks on the bottom of the shelf to store the pans.

#4 Hangers above the kitchen

You can easily drill a hanger like this above the kitchen and with the help of some hooks, you can hang your frying pans, and basically everything else that has a hole in it. You can save a lot of space with this trick.

#3 Pegs for everyone

God bless the pegs and the wheeled small table. Have you ever had a problem that you always had to move something away and back to use something in the kitchen? It’s much more easier if you store your stuff on pegs and on an easily movable table.

#2 Huge hidden cabinet

We have showed you smaller hidden cabinets before, but this one is just amazing. It’s as tall as the inner height itself and you can store there almost anything you want; spices, glasses, cans, wine, cutlery, reserve snacks etc.

#1 Mini shelves and systematizing

Believe us or not, but systematizing the small things, cutlery and cups can help a lot if you have limited space in your kitchen. By the way, this way it looks very nice and homey.

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