9 Tips To Avoid Diabetes Complications

Diabetes limits your food intake to a whole another level. If you are at any stage of diabetes or are pre-diabetic, then you have to be extra cautious towards your health and diet in general. On the other hand, looking at the brighter side, Diabetes or a pre-diabetic stage can help you get your food habits back on track and kind of force you to eat healthy throughout the day. Some people have a hereditary line of diabetes, which makes them more prone towards this health complication.

However, there are ways that you should know about which you can actually keep control over your diabetes. By involving a proper diet of both excellent nutritional value and good taste, you can actually have the best of both worlds. There is no harm in admitting to the fact that we all have toxic lifestyle habits that make us vulnerable to health complications such as diabetes and fatty liver. All we need is to alter such awful lifestyle habits, adopt some new one, and make sure that our blood sugar level gets in control. Let’s check out these nine lifestyle tips to avoid diabetes complications.

  1. Lose Extra Calories
    An average study has shown that people who weigh more than what their BMI suggests are more prone to diabetes. Start by shedding a few pounds by cutting on sweet and other carbohydrate related food products. Start by practicing some belly fat, reducing exercise at the gym in order to reduce a few extra pounds. Later, when everything stays in the safe zone, start cutting on excess calories and fat.
  2. Keep a check on Carbs
    Don’t worry. You don’t have to cut on carbs completely, you just have to limit the carbs intake in order to stay safe from diabetes and fatty liver. All you need to do is go for whole grain, brown bread, beans, nuts, and fruits in order to avoid the junk that consists of high carbs value. Visit a dietician who could help you make a full-fledged diet plan if you feel the need.
  3. Don’t Compromise with Your Sleep
    Sleeping is a way to put a full stop to all kinds of hustle for a while. You might already know the prescribed duration of sleep that a person must adhere to, which is 7-8 hours for an adult. If you are sleeping a little less or are over-sleeping, you are most likely to crave for foods that have more carbs in it, which makes your entire diet chart a little imbalanced.
  4. Reduce Salt Intake
    Consuming products and foods with too much salt in it puts unnecessary pressure on your kidneys, which is not good for your health. You need to reduce the salt intake in your diet by seasoning with herbs and spices instead of too much salt when you cook your food. Reducing the salt intake lowers down the blood pressure and protects the well being of your heart at the same time.
  5. Quit Smoking
    Needless to say, smoking is an awful habit which doesn’t only ruin your lungs but also make it almost impossible for you to keep a check on the healthy heart since smoking is one of the reasons behind having an irregular heartbeat. If one is an avid smoker, the chances of premature heart failure increase two times.
  6. Manage Your Stress Level
    With a heap load of the deadline, it’s just a pep talk to say “avoid stressful situations.” There’s no single mantra existing that can help you manage your stress level in a sure shot manner. However, with a couple of lifestyle changes such as waking up early and practicing meditation, you can achieve a peaceful mind sooner than you think. Stress can push to the pre-diabetic boundaries, which are always undesirable. Therefore, make sure to keep 10 minutes of mindfulness aside every day.
  7. Set up Doctor Visits
    Not only you are required to check your blood sugar levels on a regular basis, but you need to keep visiting your personal physician for a routine check-up every six months or so. Especially after your 40s, it is a good idea to keep a check on your blood sugar level on a constant basis.
  8. Manage Your Alcohol Intake
    Getting too much of beer, wine, and whiskey regularly makes it tougher for you to control and manage your blood sugar level. Alcohol alters the regular flow of blood sugar level and makes it go either too high or to an extremely low level. Therefore, if you choose to avoid consuming alcohol every single day, it gets much easier for you to keep a healthy check on your diabetic condition.
  9. Exercise
    If exercising and going to a gym seems like an impossible task for you, make sure to pick an activity or a sport that you enjoy to keep your body super active and charged throughout the day. One who exercises on a regular basis has much lower chances of getting heart disease since while exercising; your blood sugar is brought down by your system.

These were the nine lifestyle habits that you need to incorporate in your daily life to stay diabetes-free.

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