7 Tips To Use Your Mind To Strengthen And Heal Your Body

Many researchers and philosophers have presented the idea that the way we think has a definite effect on our body. The idea was debated a lot in the past few centuries, but recently it has gained a lot of popularity. Recent Studies from major universities approves of the theory.

Many times when we are sad or feeling low in life, our body also suffers due to it, and we catch up with some illness. It is the same as acting happy when you are sad. After a while, you forgot you are acting. You feel better automatically. Hence, your mindset affects your body unconsciously. Here are a few ways to use your mind to feel a healthy person.

  1. Expect your treatment to work.
    Many of us don’t know about ‘Placebo effect’ and its influence on our body. Did you ever question the medication given to you? This is where the Placebo effect comes into play, it says that just taking any medicine and believing that it will heal your body, heals your body.
    Many studies have proved that the effect is natural and works very effectively. This works for anything from physical therapy for a bad knee to medicine for back pain. Just believe it will work and your body will heal automatically.
  2. Prevent Insomnia by indulging in gratitude
    If you have insomnia or don’t sleep well at night, then you should start keeping a gratitude journal. Before you go to bed, write down three things that you are grateful in that day. It can be tasty food, 8-9 hours of sleep, traveling in your own car, etc. Thinking about them generally stimulates happy emotions in you, and you be thankful in life. Repeat this before you go to sleep every night, and you will sleep better at night than before.
  3. Focus on your goals or dream more.
    Every day before getting out of bed, focus and believe that you will achieve your goals, and there is a purpose in your life. Focusing on your goal gives you the extra energy while working and your body won’t suffer due to your long hours working schedule. Hence you can work harder and even live longer. All you need is to focus on your dreams and believe. Eg. – You are a teacher who believes his/her teaching will help someone grow in their life, thinking this every day will make you teach effortlessly and stress-free.
  4. Be optimistic in your life.
    There is a saying, “Everything that happens in your life happens for something good.” If you genuinely be this optimistic in life by always looking at the bright side, then studies show you would be more immune in life. Being optimistic makes you less likely to catch a fever or cold because optimism keeps your immune system at its peak.
  5. Slow aging with meditation.
    Everyone has a fear of growing old, and because of this, you stress out a lot, and often times it affects its body. But if you want to age slowly, then you need to willingly take the right medication regularly. Willingly is an essential factor here as medication keeps your body much fitter — however, the wiliness to live longer matters. E.g., – Almost every old man is given calcium tablets for better bones, but why does it works for some and not for others? Willingness!
  6. Imagine yourself working out to build muscle.
    This is a freak one and may seem illogical to many. But this is for real, researchers have found out that imaging yourself working out without actually working out can build your body. One such study concluded that such mental imagery resulted in 24 percent of muscle growth. This is less than the actual person working out, but it clearly states that imagining help.
  7. Laugh a lot to keep your heart healthy.
    Doctors always recommend heart patient to laugh a lot for a healthier heart. This is because laughter decrease stress hormone reduces swelling of the artery and increase “good” cholesterol in your body. This is the main reason older people are encouraged to go to laughter clubs each morning. And we have the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

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