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DIY: These Brides Created the Wedding Dress of Their Dreams

Every bride dreams of wearing the perfect wedding dress and with the average one costing around $2,000, not everyone can afford to buy the gown they picture themselves walking down the aisle in.

And instead of breaking the bank purchasing a wedding gown, these brides decided to create their own, making one-of-a-kind looks that are so much more unique and special than designer dresses.

From pastel colors and daring silhouettes to unconventional materials and family heirlooms, these dresses are unlike any you have seen before.

Which one is your favorite?Image via taylorannart / IG

Nailing the Fit

Many brides have a vision of their wedding dress and making it come to life can be difficult. If you have a clear idea in your head, but can’t find the dress you picture, why not make your own?

Jasmine’s dress is classic with a modern twist—a deep plunging neckline. The sheath dress is super romantic with the sheer tulle sleeves and floral embellishments.

Jasmine’s amazing sewing skills show through as it fits her like a glove and it looks like the dress was made for her, which it most certainly was.Nailing the Fit

Image via jasmineademi / IG

Floating on Air

Trends come and go, but Illusion necklines and naked lace have been super popular in the world of bridal fashion for a while. This bride’s dress still looks trendy even if her wedding was five years ago.

While many of us stray away from ballgowns because we’re afraid that they’ll swallow us up, this petite bride proves that anyone can wear one. The fitted sheer lace bodice and flowy tulle skirt are super feminine and the bride looks like she could float on air.

Can you imagine how fun this dress was to dance in?Floating on AirImage via prettynothingsco / IG

Crochet for Days

Over the past few years, we’ve been seeing crochet make a major comeback in fashion. Apparently, this trend from the ‘60s and ‘70s has even made its way into the bridal world and we have to say that it fits in perfectly with the boho vibe.

Daniela Enrione created this figure-hugging dress that shows just a hint of skin and the plunging neckline makes it super modern. We can totally picture the bride having a destination wedding and getting married on the beach.Crochet for DaysImage via daniela_enrione / IG

Fit for a Princess

White dresses aren’t the only color that brides are choosing these days as blush ones are in high demand.

Jackie Miller’s pink mermaid gown is right on trend and it’s complete with silver flower embellishments and a crisscross back detail. We’re loving the attention to detail she put into making her dress and we can only imagine how long it took her to sew on all the gorgeous flowers.

One of the best parts of designing your dress is that you can fully use your imagination to create a dress unlike any you’ve seen before. The sky’s the limit.

We just wish we could borrow this dress for our wedding day!Fit for a PrincessImage via jack.stitch / IG

Super Bride

They say you should order you gown no later than six to seven months before your wedding date in order to have time for it to be made and for fittings.

But Zaji-Kali made her lace mermaid gown just two months before her big day. And her wedding dress wasn’t the only thing she designed—she also created six outfits for the wedding party including the flower girl’s ceremony and reception dress.

We can’t even imagine how the bride found the time to do all this while planning her wedding!

That’s a super bride if we’ve ever seen one.Super BrideImage via zajikalimakes / IG

$$100 Gown

When you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a dress, but you’re a fashion-forward bride, why not create your own wedding dress?

It’s almost hard to believe that Daniela Tabois made this gown for only $100. The ballgown features ruffles on the bodice and a peplum waist before flaring out to a dramatic skirt with a tulle underlay.

Tabois showed a lot of attention to detail and she even designs wedding dresses for others if you’re looking for a special dress for your big day!$$100 GownImage via redesignyourclothes / IG

Fit for Royalty

We’ve seen pink, white, and green wedding dresses, but we’ve yet to come across a purple one. Purple is the color of royalty, power, and wealth as purple fabric used to be extremely expensive and only rulers could afford it. So naturally, it’s perfect for a bride.

Janelle Johngrass decided to make a dress in this color and she looks like Rapunzel in her ballgown and matching veil which is fit for a Disney princess. We love how her husband wore a matching purple boutonniere.Fit for RoyaltyImage via knowmommy / IG

Pandemic Bride

While the pandemic has caused some brides to postpone their nuptials, others have decided to keep their date and still get married.

There’s truly nothing more beautiful than a blushing bride looking at her groom with love in her eyes and these newlyweds are doing just that.

While we were first drawn to the look of love in the couple’s eyes, we can’t help but admire the bride’s handmaid sheath wedding gown that features a high neckline and a lace top with a satin skirt.Pandemic BrideImage via mmadalynne / IG

Grocery Bag Wedding Dress

We love outfits made from unconventional materials, but we haven’t heard of wedding dresses made from plastic grocery bags … until now.

Who knew that you could make such good use from plastic bags?

Brittany Beckers collaborated on this dress with Instagram user dirette94 and the two of them rolled grocery bags until they came up with this dress. They even made 3D flowers with the bags as well as a bouquet. Now, that’s creative.

We’re left wondering how many grocery bags were used to construct this gown.Grocery Bag Wedding DressImage via britasaurusbex / IG

Olive This Dress

Who doesn’t love a DIY project? If you can’t get enough DIY projects in your life, why not create your own wedding dress?

When Sara Nena pictured her big day, she had a vision—for all the women to wear white and for the men to wear green accents. Her dress fit in perfectly with this idea and to create it, she started by sketching her wedding dress. The Greek bride wanted to create something that wasn’t seen before and she did just that by incorporating green olive-nets in her design. How, cool is that?

Can you believe this dress cost only $17 to make?Olive This DressImage via saranenadiy / IG

Dance the Night Away

When you can’t decide on one dress, why not have two? Often times for the ceremony, brides have a more formal dress fitting for a religious venue and for the reception, they change into something more fun and casual to dance the night away. Designer and bride Bridget Sullivan chose to create her very own reception dress for “optimal dance-ability”, as she wrote on Instagram.

The sparkle and feathered t-length strapless dress sure does photograph beautifully. We would love to twirl in this gorgeous dress.Dance the Night AwayImage via thebridgetshow / IG

Walking on Fire

Many brides turn to Pinterest to get ideas for what type of gown they want, but most don’t find a dress they love and try to create it on their own.

Joanna decided to take on a challenge and she made this ombre gown after seeing a similar one on Pinterest.

She looks like she is walking on fire and this dress was perfect for her small, intimate wedding. For an edgy bride, who wants to make a statement, this is the perfect dress.

Walking on Fire
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