10 photos of cute puppies!

With each of their appearances on the net, these adorable puppies make the buzz. However, nothing unusual or strange in these photos, just the beauty of nature! Discover the 10 most cute baby dogs on the web, starting with these adorable labradors.


An overly cute stuffed puppy!chiot-nounoursTwo beautiful Husky babies
husky-chiotA blue-eyed Saint Bernard
chiot-bebe-chienAn indefinable race, between the dog and the tigerchiot-bebe-buzzA baby German Shepherd
berger-chiot-bebeHow not to melt before this azure gaze?
chiot-gris-bebeA nanny puppy
chiot-pelucheWe crack in front of this little face
bebe-chien-chiotWhich one do you prefer?

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